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New York Professional Advisors for Community Entrepreneurs (NYPACE) is a non-profit organization that seeks to stimulate job creation and economic development in New York City by offering pro-bono consulting services to local entrepreneurs from under-resourced communities. NYPACE provides a unique opportunity both for entrepreneurs who aspire to realize a strategic vision as well as for volunteers who seek to effect change through a community service context. The NYPACE program strives not only to support the development of community-based entrepreneurs, but also to engender an open dialogue between two disparate communities with the ultimate goal of improving both.



Monday, October 21, 2019

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The NYPACE 2018 Impact Report describes the ever-expanding community of support that NYPACE is creating to support under-resourced entrepreneurs in New York City



Our 250+ advisors come from over 60 leading firms of varying industries in the Greater New York City area. Become a project advisor today and see how you can help our entrepreneurs grow their business. Apply today!


 Do you operate a small business or non-profit in NYC? Do you feel that your business currently lacks the resources it needs to grow? NYPACE has been serving local entrepreneurs from under-resourced communities since 2004. See how we can help and apply to be one of our entrepreneurs today. 

With a donation to NYPACE, your contribution will go towards supporting our entrepreneurs as they collaborate with our advisory teams to grow their business. Your generosity is paramount to our success as an organization.


"I LOVE MY BOSS" Video series

Find out how NYPACE has helped these small business owners through our ‘I Love My Boss’ video series.

Our mission is clear – to stimulate job creation and sustainable economic development in the Greater New York City Area by providing pro-bono consulting services to local small business entrepreneurs from under-resourced communities. Without your support, our mission would not be possible.
— Dan Zamlong, Board Chairman